LG – Little Girl

Little Girl

Little Girl, Stomach, Tiny Tina. All of the these names. She meeps at us, louder than a meow, she reverberates throughout the house. She has been running around our house for almost 5 years. We tried catching her numerous times. She went through two screens, out a door, and one bloodied arm to get out. Her mate disappeared last year and none of the other feral/stray cats in the neighborhood wanted to cuddle with her. She finally let us catch her one more time.

We decided to cage her so that she would feel secure and get to meet the other cats on her own terms. It was a double cage with her sleeping and eating area not accessible to the other cats. She had a perch and potty in the other cage. The litter box was also blocked off for “privacy”.  I slowly removed the blocks and we also allowed her roaming time after locking the others in a bedroom.

Little Girl is now out of the cage and she is the cutest cat we have in mannerisms. Such a coquette.  This journey for her took about 6 months of cooing, cuddling, and acclimating her to her new environment and friends.  I don’t think she wants to go outside ever again except to the catio we have in our backyard.



“Mudd” on the arm of a chair

Yep, his full name is “His name is Mudd” Mudd for short. I did not realize how big this cat was. I measure the arm of the chair at 2 feet. No wonder he is a sooo much heavier than the rest of the cats.  He is like James Dean in a cat! Hmmm, maybe a biker vest with a patch.  No pretty name for this cat.