Likken, an affectionate 2nd story man

Likken 1 and only.jpg

Likken, our little otherworldly kitty. I finally got a picture of him  in focus by waving catnip in front of his nose. I have shot about 200 pictures of this little rascal and they were all fuzzy.  He does not seem to be in our same plane of existence.

This picture does not do justice to the Tim Burton quality of this cat. His legs are incredibly long for his size. 8 inches. He is a little 7 pound cat with long long long legs.

Likken can fly. He was on a cat tree above the level of the door off to the side. He jumped to the other room to a ledge that was off to the side above the door. So to go from one ledge to another he had to soar under the door frame. He opens doors, we had to put a padlock on the catio. We have to keep the cat treats in a metal box with a latch because of him.

I had seen him around the neighborhood casing the place. He finally made his decision to introduce himself. We invited him in and, yep, he adopted us. He was so skinny that he had started to lose some of his hair in places.  We tried to fatten him up but sometimes when he runs through the house, like a light beam from a rotating disco ball, he must burn those calories. He finally has some meat on his little thighs and his hair has grown back in.

I have never met a cat quite like him.

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