Catz Catz Catz AL-20151208

Catz Catz Catz
Catz Catz Catz AL-20151208

Yep, this is the painting of Cats. My Cat Whisperer loves cats, we have 5 of them indoors. They all have different personalities and will lickity-split all which ways when they are being bad and getting in trouble. We also have 3 outdoor kitties wh do not want to live in a house, they pretty much stick around in the backyard. They have a small house to shelter out of the rain and all the food they can eat. Then we have the cat visiters who show up just to check out the food situation. All of the outdoor cats have been on the catch, neuter and release…… except one, Piggy, he is such a mellow male and beside we could not catch him. I have this as an art print on ArtPal –  #alburtonart 

Catz catz catz digital vector

catz catz catz digital
Catz catz catz digital AL20160613

Added a new piece of art to Artpal –   Looking at our 5 cats we rescued. I am surrounded. They are always wanting to go every which way. They also all have such different personalities. We also have 3 more cats that refuse to come inside we feed. My cat whisperer can actually touch them #alburtonart  I am still working on the Stalking cat.