Gardening with the dogs

Good Morning,

I eat fruit and when I do I save the seeds. I got some black apricots from Sprouts the other day and they were just yummy. I stuck them in a bag with sand and…………

Apricot seeds (1).jpg

I hope they work out. I put them in little pots in the shade. Soon our backyard will be a jungle.

Apricot Seedlings.jpg

My neighbor stopped by AnnessaYMorrisonArt with her little doggy – Gracie May. Oh yes,  I have pictures of Sasi the Piglet or a new name we call her Lady Twillig of Moths (she likes catching them). They were playing and having a great time.

Sasi 1 Sept 2016.png

She is getting a little old and has lost some teeth but she still looks good. Her coat is still black and white – not grey.

Sasi 2 Sept 2016.png


Silly dogs. It’s nice and cloudy up here. Its a wonderful day to be outside. Yes, I really just wanted a picture of Sasi.

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